Adoption Info

Getting a puppy or a new dog is an exciting moment in a person’s life. Dogs become part of our daily life and our family. However, living with a dog is a commitment of many years with vacation care, financial responsibilities and veterinarian visits. Choose wisely. Know yourself and the commitment you are making. Visit our page, About the Belgian Sheepdog, to determine if the Belgian Sheepdog is the right breed for you.

The Adoption Process

Thank you for considering the adoption of a rescued Belgian sheepdog who needs a home. When your application for adoption reaches us, the adoption process starts.

Getting to Know You

RockyadoptAfter receiving your application, our application processor will contact you on the phone. This will be an interview to discuss your application in more detail so that we can get to know you better. We want to understand you and your environment, answer questions you might have and explain our program. We match people to dogs and dogs to people. This is the time to get to know each other better.

Finding Your Best Friend

Sometimes matching the right dog to the right home takes a long time. First, the dog must be in good health . When Belgian sheepdogs comes into rescue, they are placed in a foster home and are taken immediately to a vet for a checkup. All shots are brought up to date and a fecal and heartworm check are done to make sure they are clear of all parasites. The dogs are spayed/neutered if that has not already been completed. The dog cannot be adopted until it is healthy. We begin any necessary medical treatments immediately. The dogs’ temperaments are also evaluated and their needs are determined. This assessment can take a minimum of three weeks. Once we have an understanding of the needs and personality of a particular dog, we study all the applications and interview reports. Not every applicant is a good fit for every dog and this is the part that can take time and requires some patience. We want our dogs to go to the home that is the best fit for them. Some applicants want an active dog, some want a couch potato, some have cats and live stock, some have small children, some work and some are home all day. We all have different life styles and we try very hard to find homes with a life style that fits a particular dog. If we think that you might be a good fit for a particular dog, you will have a third interview, based on the needs and temperament of a specific dog. After the interview is completed and you and the BSDRT representative think this might be the dog for you, the foster home will contact you. Then you will have a home check and hopefully an adoption is completed. The final interviews and home checks can go quite quickly so the whole process goes very smoothly.

Forms and Fee

BSCA Rescue Trust - BijouOnce you are selected as the new home, you are asked to sign an adoption contract. This agreement sets out our standards for adopting this dog and states that if for any reason you must give up the Belgian sheepdog, you must first notify us. You cannot sell, give away or will the dog to anyone without the consent of the BSDRT. We are a nonprofit organization. However, there is an adoption donation that goes into our fund for the medical bills of the rescued Belgian Sheepdogs in the amount of $300 (effective Jan.1, 2009) for an average adoption. Donations for special needs adoptions and dogs over 5 years of age will be decided on a case by case basis.