Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in the Belgian Sheepdog Rescue Trust. The ownership of a Belgian sheepdog, like any pet, is a serious responsibility that requires a long-term commitment. It is the goal of the Belgian Sheepdog Rescue Trust program to be sure that this responsibility, as well as the financial, physical and psychological needs of each Belgian sheepdog be met in its new home. This application has been designed to help potential Belgian sheepdog adopters address the issues that would directly effect their home and its suitability for a Belgian sheepdog. It will also aid the BSDRT in applicant evaluation. Please answer all questions as completely and truthfully as you can. You will not be approved or rejected as a placement solely on the basis of your answers. A phone call from a Belgian Sheepdog Rescue Trust representative will be placed to you to discuss your application in greater detail. . When we think that you are a possible match for a particular dog, we will contact you for a second interview. The content of the second interview will be based on a particular dog. The time between the first general interview about your application and the second, more specific interview can be either a few weeks or a month or more. depending upon the needs of our dogs and whether or not your life style can meet these needs. Profiles of available dogs may be seen at but we cannot answer calls or emails about a particular dog until an application has been completed. Please read our web site carefully before completing the application and many of your questions will be answered. Your application will be active for one year.
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