Our Mission Statement

As the Rescue organization for the national breed club, Belgian Sheepdog Club of America (BSCA), we accept our responsibility for protecting the welfare of all Belgian Sheepdogs in need while encouraging breeders to be responsible for the dogs they have bred or litters their dogs have sired for the life of the dog.

We strive for the highest possible standard as we conduct our rescue work and agree to abide by the policies set forth by the Rescue Trustees as well as all applicable laws.


The ownership of a Belgian Sheepdog is a serious responsibility that requires long-term commitment. It is the goal of the Belgian Sheepdog Rescue Trust is to be sure that acceptance of this responsibility, as well as the financial, physical and psychological needs of each rescued Belgian Sheepdog is met in its new home.

The purpose of The Belgian Sheepdog Rescue Trust is:

  • pirate01To remove Belgian Sheepdogs from public/private animal shelters and accept dogs from owners who are unable/unwilling to keep their Belgian Sheepdog(s) for any reason;
  • To provide medical care and a safe haven for rehabilitation and evaluation for adoptability of rescued Belgian Sheepdogs;
  • To find good homes for Belgian Sheepdogs who are unwanted, abandoned or are without a permanent home;
  • To educate potential rescue adopters about Belgian Sheepdogs and their special requirements to ensure an educated decision is made when adopting the breed;
  • To counsel owners on solving problems with their Belgian Sheepdogs and to encourage them to use their breeders as a resource of support and information;
  • To educate animal control officers, shelter staff and other all-breed rescue groups on identification of Belgian Sheepdogs;
  • To keep statistics on Belgian Sheepdogs in the Rescue system and provide this information to the BSD Trustees in a timely manner;