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All of our Rescues come to us lost and confused through no fault of their own – most with nightmares they can never share. Sometimes past history can be provided; however, there is much that may always remain a mystery. Time, on occasion, gives us clues, but in the end, we are often left wondering what possibly happened in this Rescue’s life before we met.

Some of our dogs arrive in Rescue due to family tragedies, some from buyer disillusionment. Others, arrive unexplained tied to a tree by a vet’s door step, dropped at shelters or worse, discarded on the streets and side roads of our of our great nation to fend for themselves.

The price for their devotion – is very small.

All they ask is response to a few basic needs ~
Food, Security, Companionship, Patience and Love.


We have heard it said so many times.
It is difficult to explain just how much compassion one can feel, or how much their heart can grow, until they accept the commitment to donate towards a cause.
In our case,
the cause is a “Second Chance” for one of our beloved Belgian Sheepdogs.


For some, it is the ability to accept the responsibility of opening their home to one of our dogs through our Adoption Program. Most of our dogs would never know the kindness of a human touch, a meal they can always count on or a firm, fair correction when they disobey. But, most importantly, they have never known the feeling of trust that comes from a constant loving heart.

These gifts of time and talent are provided by our angels in the trenches.


Equally important if our Rescue Program is to succeed is the generosity of your donations.

Your Gifts –
Assure these Rescues have seen a vet, are up-to-date on their shots, have been microchipped so they will never be lost again without our awareness.

Your Gifts –
Allow these Rescues to receive baths and have their nails trimmed.
Many have NEVER known or experienced these normal routines the rest of us take for granted with our own dogs. We are told, so often, that when bathed these dogs show obvious joy basking in the luxury of clean hair and skin.

Your Gifts –
As Donors make it possible for these dogs to put their best foot forward when they walk through the door to their new life so they might succeed!

Your Gifts –
Are always welcomed and always needed! Whether it is something you feel comfortable doing on the spur of the moment, or whether you make arrangements to remember BSDRT in your will.

However you choose to give, please know that while we are all volunteers, we still could not provide for these beautiful lost souls without your support through monetary donations.

Your donation, which ever path you choose is one of the keys to providing something these Rescues may never have experienced…… a priceless gift that costs so little……

Unconditional Love.


The Belgian Sheepdog Rescue Trust Team of Volunteers


You may make monetary donations online ( paypal or credit card ) using this button

Or by mail, please make your check payable to the “Belgian Sheepdog Rescue Trust” , specify “BSDRT donation” in the memo line and mail to:

BSDRT Treasurer
C/O Cindy Herman
911 3rd Street W
Billings, MT 59101



The Belgian Sheepdog Rescue Trust is a 501(c)3 charitable organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Code of the United States. Donations to the Trust MAY be tax deductible depending upon an individual donors’ tax status.